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European national debt

Lately I have been reading different commentaries in forums that I believe that it deserves that we make a reflection on this subject.

Some people are inclining by this route of investment not to have the money in Spain, or in banking deposits or Spanish National debt by fear to a possible ‚Äúcorralito‚Ä? in Spain, something that I do not see probable. Of all ways we are going to see as they are the routes to contract these products:

  1. Abrir an account to us in the equivalent to the Bank of Spain in the country who we want and to invest the money in Letters of the Treasure of that country, also we will be able to make abriendo it to us an account in a bank of that country. He is quite confused and we think that only he would be interesting for an investor with a very significant volume.
  2. To ask for to our bank or box in Spain that we want to buy National debt of Germany or France. If the amount is small they are going to refuse and if the volume is lifted and they make the purchase would acquire a procurement board and another one to us of safekeeping that to the being international titles is going to be elevated. In this case the Spanish organization only acts as the guard guards of the titles (us) reason why if the organization is insolvent we will be able to transfer these titles to another organization. She is like a company that rents to safe-deposit boxes and bankruptcy, we will have to go, to take to the content of our box (our values) and llev√°rnoslos to another company that rents safe-deposit boxes (another bank or box). If a corralito took place, that would suppose that our deposits and loans would change to a new currency devaluating it with respect to the EURO. As our titles would not be ‚ÄúSpanish‚Ä? they could not do it. It is as if we had action of Microsoft. The problem would be that they could not let to us move our money.
  3. To contract a investment fund that invests in European National debt. As the investment funds are a separated patrimony of the organization where the contracts (the bank or box where it contracts are solely the drug dealer) you can see more in Investment funds. Surely it is the diversified most comfortable option and more because:
    1. We will not have our investment in National debt of a country of Europe but of many.
    2. Operative of subscription and the reimbursement she is simplest.
    3. If in addition we take a bottom that is not domiciled in Spain (country where I am created the product, is very habitual Luxembourg) the Spanish authorities could not touch it.

According to we have been able to look for exist two bottoms that fulfill these characteristics, the Link is to the card of Morningstar of each:

GS Euro Gov Liq Head of cattle Adm Acc

JPM Euro Government Liquidity D


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