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A financial consultant adviser to its clients in investments, loans and insurances. This advising takes according to require it to the circumstances, or like part of a systematic financial planning.


The concept of “financial adviser� is not protected by the law in opposition the insurance agent. Three main criteria exist to classify the financial advisers.

  • The models of financial incentives. By means of the payment of honoraria like adviser by the client
  • Some type of cooperation with the financial product suppliers. He would be an adviser who works for a product supplier and he is sold exclusively products of this company.
  • Adviser who works for a product supplier, but sells products of diverse companies.
    In the first case, the adviser is truly independent of the intermediary product suppliers. Generally, the financial advisers usually announce with the supposed independence “and� objectivity�. This independence, is questioned by the defenders of the consumer because of its evident economic dependancy of the specific companies.

Qualification for the advising. The qualification, can be demonstrated by:

  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Experience
  • References

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