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The Management of the Patrimony supposes to establish a balance considering the characteristics of the patrimony of the individual, the family, the economic and professional situation, its aversion to the risk, its history and mainly its economic goals.

The business of the management of the wealth assumes that an adviser of investments is a financial professional who provides more or less independent financial advising. The financial adviser in a bank (including the private bank) is a business, and must like objective offer advising on financial products more or less limited the perimeter of his group.

Management of assets

Or the management of a portfolio of values or an account of values, the business is substantially the same. And it is required:

  • To define an suitable policy, considering the needs and the aversion to the risk of the client (s).
  • To establish a datum point adapted for the managed portfolio.
  • To mediate the values to maintain the relation previously yield/defined risk.

The value of rescue must be anticipated and be planned. Through the optimization of the assets, the plan of cash flow is realized the year throughout, an exceptional yield can possibly cause to problems of cash to the client when having a necessity for the payment of futures imposed on the capital gains and for other taxes.

Ideally, the portfolio also must consider other assets (for example, professional assets or real estate) not to sobreexpose to the client (s) to a specific risk.

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