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  • Allocation Strategic of Assets (Asset Allocation) through investing profile TO UNLOAD.
    1. Stuffed the amount and your data
    2. It beats in Defining Profile of investor, and once completed To return.
    3. The button of the Portfolio beats according to the result of your profile.


  • Model of Markowitz “maximum Benefit for defined loss? TO UNLOAD.
    1. Cerciórate that in menu Tools of excel you have the Solver function. But you will have to go to Tools/Complements and to include Solver.
    2. Stuffed the cells in yellow with the data that you wish:
    3. Maximum loss that you are arranged to assume
    4. Minimum and maximum weight of each active class
    5. Yield Waited for each class of assets
    6. Once you have filled up the previous thing, it sees the menu Tools and it beats in Solver. From it will give a result you (if it exists) with the optimization of your portfolio there.


  • Purchase of a building financing the purchase with Mortgage TO UNLOAD.
    1. Stuffed the amount and your shaded data of the operation in yellow.
    2. You will see then them cost of the operation and quota.


  • Maximum amount to finance by means of mortgage based on the type of interest, duration of the mortgage and percentage of net income destined to the quota TO UNLOAD.
    1. Stuffed the amount and your shaded data of the operation in yellow.
    2. You will see then the amount of mortgage that you will be able to solicit.


  • That he is more profitable, to rent or to buy a house to us. They appear formed average values, but you will be able to make simulations with your particular expectations UNLOAD. It as much completes the squares in yellow with your data and expectations of the house that you wish as of the characteristics of the mortgage and expectations of future.
    1. Cost of the House
    2. Annual IBI, in % on value of the house
    3. Expenses of Community in % on value of the house
    4. Sweepings collection in % on value of the house
    5. Annual average ascent of the value of the house
    6. Years of Hipoteca
    7. Type of interest
    8. Yield of our savings (when living on rent, we spent less than buying and one assumes that to that we saved it difference).
    9. Price of the annual rent, measured like percentage on the value of the house


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